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Company Details:

This site is operated by Compulsi Ltd.

We are registered at the National Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria under company number 205034841 and with our registered office.

Street Jordan Stubel 11А, 
Sofia 1700,

This is also our main trading address.

You may contact us at the above-mentioned address and through the following means:

Email address:


Our VAT number is BG 205034841 -


General terms and conditions:

The access to and use of this website and the products and services offered through this website (hereinafter called Services), are subject to the following rules, conditions and notes (Terms and Conditions). By using the Services you consent with the Terms and Conditions whereas we reserve the right to amend this information from time to time. Please check this website regularly to keep track of all changes that may have been made in the Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with these changes we advise you to stop using this website immediately. All changes made after your order has been placed will not affect the order unless we are obligated by the law to make such changes.

We reserve the right to change or terminate a service without prior notification. We are not liable if this website is not accessible from time to time or at all times. Occasionally the access to some or all sections of the website may be limited.

We would like to draw your attention to our ordering policy according to the Terms and Conditions and also to our confidentiality policy. If you are below 16 you must acquaint your parents or guardian with our confidentiality policy before registering and using this website or any of the services provided through this website. We reserve the right to accept orders only from individuals who are above 18.



You will have to register (unless you use the “shop as a guest” option) in order to have access to some of the services or components provided through this website. When you register or use the “shop as a guest” option the information that you provide must be true, precise, up-to-date and comprehensive in all aspects. If you wish to change some of the registration data please inform us by e-mail and update the respective data in your Mytrendylady account. We reserve the right to amend the registration requirements.


Purchase conditions:

In order to shop through the website you must register and provide your personal data. Clients must render their actual name, telephone, e-mail and any other necessary documentation required in the registration form. In addition when placing orders you must also fill in the payment information by stating and guaranteeing that this information is true and accurate and by confirming that you are the individual authorized to make the payment.

The website is accessible only to those individuals and companies that comply with the purchase conditions of MyTrendyLady, that have a bank account or a valid credit card issued by a bank acceptable to MyTrendyLady, whose applications are acceptable to МyTrendyLady and who authorize МyTrendyLady to withdraw the amount or amounts from the credit card equal to the overall cost of the products that you purchase.



All orders are subject to approval and availability. MyTrendyLady offers products that are available and ready to ship through our distribution center. Sometimes, however, a certain product may be unavailable and, since our website system takes time to update, that particular product may turn out to be out of stock in the final steps of your order.

Please bear in mind that products placed in your shopping cart are not reserved and may be purchased buy other users.


Pricing policy:

The prices indicated on the website are in GBP and include VAT (respectively for each country). The prices of the products are set in the beginning of each season on the basis of the current foreign exchange rates. These prices are subject to change if the respective exchange rate fluctuates.

Import duties or customs taxes may be accrued on the purchased products in non-EU states. We advise you before making the order to contact your local customs authorities to receive information about the amount of the customs duties. If you are a client whose credit card is not denominated in pounds, US dollars or Euro, the final price will be calculated according to the applicable exchange rate on the date on which the transaction is made.


Accepting orders:

Once you have made your choice and your order has been sent you will receive an e-mail. This e-mail is not an approval of the order but only a confirmation that we have received your order. Sending the purchase order is only a step towards concluding a sale-purchase agreement. In order to finalize the order you must enter the required information step by step and send the order form by clicking the Send Order button.

Unless cancelled the order will be approved and the agreement between you and MyTrendyLady effective only when we have sent you an e-mail confirming that the products have been shipped. The language of the agreement will be English.

We reserve the right to cancel your order if we cannot receive authorization for the payment, if the ordered products are unavailable, if they do not comply with our quality standards or if you do not correspond to the purchase conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions.

We may also refuse to process and accept the transaction for any reason or to deny services to any individual at any time at our discretion irrespective of the progress of the order.


Order tracking:

The status of your order can be tracked when you enter your MyTrendyLady account and select the Order Status button.

Intellectual property:

Using this website does not entitle you to any copyrights, designs, trademarks and other forms of intellectual property and material interest related to the Content (as described in Content below), including software and all HTML and other codes contained in this website. Any such content, including the trademarks and designs of third parties, are protected by the national Intellectual Property Act and other laws and international treaties. You are permitted to use the Content only if you have been explicitly authorized by MyTrendyLady. Any copying or distribution of the content is prohibited and may result in civil and penal lawsuits. Notwithstanding the above the copying and use of the aforementioned materials on every other server, as well as their transition, publishing, reproduction and distribution is strictly prohibited. MyTrendLady is for personal use only.


In addition to the intellectual property rights mentioned above Content is also defined as each graphic or picture material, including all rights over images, sounds, music, video, audio or text on this website. MyTrendyLady tries to provide precise and comprehensive information on the site but some mistakes in its content are possible. MyTrendyLady does not guarantee that the functional aspects of the website or its content or the server supporting it do not contain viruses or other harmful components. We advise all Internet users to keep an updated antivirus software.

Your activity(ies):

You consent that you are personable liable for the use of this website as well as for your communication and activities on the website. If we consider that you are involved in any illegal activities or that you violate the Terms and Conditions we may deny you access to this website temporarily or permanently.


Third party websites:

We may include on this website hyperlinks to other websites or sources managed by individuals other than MyTrendyLady, including advertisers. We do not monitor all websites related to MyTrendyLady and cannot be held liable for the content and credibility of the pages on these websites, nor are we liable for the positioning (availability) of such external websites or sources, directly or indirectly for the confidentiality policies or content of these websites, including (but not limited to) advertising, products or other materials or services on or accessible from such websites, nor for damages, losses or violations caused by or in relation to the use of the content, products or services accessible from such external websites and sources.


Your rights:

You have certain rights protected by the laws that in Bulgaria are: 
All products ordered through this website will be of adequate quality, suitable for their designated use and correspond to the description given on the website (1); You are entitled to replacement if the product has defects and in this case the additional postal costs will be at our expense (2), and the right to return every product (even if it has no defects) within 14 business days as from the date the product was received. You also have the right to full refund (3).

The Terms and Conditions do not limit these rights. For more information concerning your rights please contact the local governmental institution for consumer right protection.


Limitation of our liability:

If MyTrendyLady violates the Terms and Conditions it will be held liable only for the damages that are directly and unconditionally related and reasonably predictable as a result of this violation. We cover losses up to 100% of the overall value of the products.

We are not liable for losses not caused by violation or negligence on our behalf, for indirect losses resulting from the main losses or for damages that you and we have not reasonably foreseen (for example, loss of profit or benefits).

We are also not liable for nonobservance of our commitments under the Terms and Conditions when such nonobservance is caused by circumstances beyond our control.


Upon our request and when needed you are obligated to compensate us in full and to protect and guard MyTrendyLady, its employees, directors, agents, branches, licensors and suppliers from and against all liabilities, receivables, costs, losses and damages, including lawsuit taxes, caused by a violation of the Terms and Conditions on your behalf, including the use of and access to this website by third parties using your МyTrendyLady account and caused by your actions or inactions.

Reserving the right to claim: In the cases when you have violated the Terms and Conditions but we have not undertaken the consecutive measures we reserve our right of protection and action in any subsequent violation on your behalf.


The Terms and Conditions, the nature and procedures of our bilateral relations will be interpreted and implemented in line with the legislature of the Republic of Bulgaria, whereas the respective competent court in the country shall have exclusive jurisdiction in resolving outstanding issues.

According to Article 14, para. 1 of European Regulation No 524/2013 of 21 May 2013 on the RELC, the European Commission provides consumers with an online platform for dispute resolution available at: